There is a huge array of ways to use senior photos. From the yearbook image to graduation anouncements, from gift prints for friends and relatives to gallery wraps and custom Albums for the home. My personal favorite are custom albums designed with each senior and their individuality in mind. We work together to produce a lasting reflection of that fabulous unique individual as childhood draws to a close and life takes on new direction and purpose.

When choosing a session have in mind how you may want to enjoy, share and display your images. I would love to discuss the options so please never hesitate to call or Email. If you are thinking you may want to have more than prints and a yearbook image it is my suggestion that you allow for "The Real Deal" or "Go For It".  I shy away from "packages" as each family chooses what works best for them, however I am always happy to make suggestions.

Quick and Easy    $195.00

  • About 1 hour of photography
  • 1 location
  • 2 changes
  • online gallery posted for 2 weeks, you will see 25-40 originals
  • All other purchases at a la carte pricing

The Basic Session      $250.00

  • About 2 hours of photography
  • 1 or 2 locations (within a 10 minute drive radius)
  • 2-3 changes
  • online gallery for 3 weeks, you will see 75-100 originals
  • 1 edited image ready for yearbook submission if applicable
  • extending the session (if scheduling allows) billed at $125.00 per hour


The Real Deal      $500.00

  • About 3 hours of photography
  • 3-4 locations
  • 4+ changes if the mood strikes you
  • online gallery for 4 weeks, you will see 150+ originals
  • 1 edited image ready for yearbook submission if applicable
  • $100.00 off PRINT orders over $500.00
  • Not including Grad Announcements


Go for it              $750.00

  • 4-5 hours of photography
  • 4+ locations we get in the car find unique locations wherever the mood takes us
  • as many changes as feels right
  • online gallery for 4 weeks, you will see 200+ originals
  • 1 edited image ready for yearbook submission
  • 25% off your initial print order of $500.00 or more.
  • option to add the family or siblings.


Add on Session     $150.00

  • an additional hour or so booked with a Basic Session or a Quick & Easy Session for another day. This is perfect if you would like to style your hair differently or incorportate something that just won't fit with the primarary session.
  • images posted at the same time as the initial shoot.
  • 20-30 images


***All session fees are due at the time of our photo session

*** Prices are subject to change

***Photos ordered after the initial order are priced at a la carte rates